Tuition Rates In Singapore

The tuition rate you pay may vary according to the arrangements of the session (i.e. the distance the tutor has to travel), the subject matter at hand, as well as the tutor's personal rates.


The most qualified tutors with a good reputation for helping their students achieve academic success are in high demand.

To give you a general idea of the kind of tuition rates you can expect we have broken down the average hourly fees for tutoring at various educational levels and tutor expertise:

Furthermore, here are a few factors to consider when negotiating an hourly tuition rate with potential tutors:


1. The Demand


Tuition rates for certain subjects may be more expensive than others because there is a greater demand for such services than the supply of available tutors. The balance between the supply and demand for tutors of a particular skill may vary from time to time due to unpredictable changes in the mar

However, it may be more difficult to find tutors for technical subjects that many students struggle with, such as Additional Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Tutors for rare subjects such as Art, Literature and History may also be able to command higher rates if there is a shortage of tutors at a particular time.


2. Examination Period


If you are looking for a tuition teacher for a child who is in Primary 4, Secondary 2, or in the final year of Junior College, you can expect significantly higher tuition rates. The stakes are much higher when there is a major examination in the equation, especially if you are requesting a tutor at a later point in the year.


3. You get what you pay for


The best tutors have invested a significant amount of time in being educated and trained for their profession, and rightfully command higher rates than their peers. You may be able to obtain a cheaper rate for a tutor with fewer qualifications and less experience, but you will still need to compensate him or her according to the market rate.


However, some home tutors will accept lower rates if they live nearby to you, or if you can arrange for your child to travel to their home. Group tuition sessions (in a home or tuition centre) are another option that allows you to pay a lower rate.


At the end of the day, a good tutor who can inspire your child to realise his or her full academic potential is worth every cent spent. Contact us or Fill up the tutor request form Here to discuss the tuition rates you are comfortable with and start looking for a tutor that will be an excellent fit for your child's specific educational needs.

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