KLC Student Testimonies

Our Student Testimonies

— Yen Fhang, Primary 6

I would like to thank Mr Bala for his patience and igniting my interest in Math. He is an amazing role model who knew exactly how to turn my weakness into strength. I am so glad that I scored an 'A' for math.

I was struggling in Math before joining Kovan LC. My tutor there identified my weaknesses in study skills from the beginning and worked on improving them step by step. He is one of the best Math teacher I have ever had and he clearly explains the concepts which motivated me to score 97 for SA2 exam. Thank you for your close guidance.

— Junko, Primary 5

Kovan Learning Centre boosted our daughter Natasha Chong’s interest in mathematics as their lecturer Mr Alan Thayalan engage her to learn in a more effective manner implementing the latest teaching methods. Natasha’s excellent results are achieved through the innovative & creative process adopted at Kovan Learning Centre.

— Derrick & Carol,

Parents of Natasha Chong

Beatty Secondary School

Mr Alan Goh’s encouragement has boosted my morale and helped me to keep up with consistent work and attained A1 for Pure Physics and Pure Chemistry.

— Wei Hao, Secondary 4

I really appreciate my tutor at Kovan LC for inspiring me to have the love for Math. His method of teaching has impacted me to achieve ‘A’s consistently

— Brendan, Secondary 2

I would like to thank Ms Sajini for guiding me in Science and I scored A for my exam.                        

— Jasmita, Primary 5

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