Who Are KovanLC Tutors?


A Subsidiary of Kovan Learning Centre the recipient of 

Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award  &

Successful Entrepreneur Award.


Is presenting you KovanLCTutors.


With over 3000 proud parent-student recommendations

 & more than 10,000 private tutors on board.

You are guaranteed to receive quality private tutor recommendations within 1 Day.


1   A Subsidiary of Kovan Learning Centre

(Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award Winner)

 More than 10,000 private tutors on board
3   Over 3000 proud parents and students
4  Receive private tutor recommendations within 1 Day

Why Choose Us?

100% Parent Recommendations

Are you still looking for the right private home tutor for your child?


Fret not; we know the pain of contacting agency after agency and not getting any results.


With many options available, it is a challenging and time consuming to find the right online MOE registered private tuition or reliable tuition centre that delivers results.

Our tutor recruiters work extremely hard to ensure that every single assignment is fulfilled. This is made possible only because we have an active number of qualified Singapore home tutors, in every subject and level: Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, and Junior College (JC).

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